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medi@morph v2.07 for Windows(95/98/Me/2000/XP)

Use this program to add special effect filters to your media files, modify frame rates and
resolution settings or change your audio sample properties.

medi@morph is a tool loaded with features to convert, manage and modify your media file
collection into the AVI Motion JPEG video editing format.

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medi@maze v2.05 for Windows(95/98/Me/2000/XP)

Want to tell a story? Need a simple video editing tool? How about a media application with
an intuitive interface that doesn't take up your entire work screen? A tool that leverages
the use of your existing software base. How about medi@maze  ?

medi@maze is a flexible and intuitive media manipulation tool that can be used to transform
your media file collection into stunning presentations. Video output is in the AVI Motion JPEG
video editing format or MPEG-1 compressed video.

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medi@mirror v2.03 for Windows(95/98/Me/2000/XP)

Walking the fine line between Windows operating systems, medi@mirror is a configurable
media player that is small in size but large on features. It can be used to play MPEG and AVI
video clips of any frame rate or resolution in sequence.

Include it in your distribution discs to make sure your audience experiences the same
presentation. Burn it into a Video CD to create a disc that works with most Windows
platforms, disc drives and many standalone DVD players.

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MJ Pegger v2.02 for Windows(95/98/Me/2000/XP)

Convert your downloaded media files, those created with your web cam, digital camera
or other peripherals to Motion JPEG and/or CD quality PCM sound with MJ Pegger .

This program encodes your media files into portable video editing files compatible with
most media software applications including medi@morph and medi@maze .

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Whether you're creating a DVD, SVCD or VCD, AVI Motion JPEG is based on standard JPEG
compression and is flexible enough to be imported into most editing packages or encoded
directly into your choice of medium.

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